Estes Park Lodging

Estes Park Lodging

You want a dazzling vacation in Estes Park, but if you Google “Estes Park lodging,” you might be overwhelmed at all the choices. Estes Park has every kind of lodging type to fit any personality. Are you an rugged outdoors-man? Pick a cabin or campground. Are you a city-slicker? Try a progressive condo or vacation home. Once you can imagine yourself sipping a glass of wine while gazing at the gorgeous changing Fall aspen in Estes park, you’ll be thrilled to see listing below. Each category has the top three rated lodging types. Just click on the link, and you are minutes away from your relaxing vacation getaway!

Hotels / Motels

Most hotels and motels are near downtown and Estes Lake. They generally have all the high-tech amenities that come with staying at a hotel: no roughing it. The one exception would be the Stanley Hotel, which gives you a historical experience unlike anything else, minus some of the amenities one might expect from a luxury hotel. Here are the three top rated hotels:



Cabins / Cottages / B&B/Inn

Cabins and Cottages tend to be farther out along The Big Thompson, Fall River, and near Rocky Mountain National Park. While not as close to downtown, these options give you more experience with wildlife (many report lots of Elk and Bobcat sightings!) and communion with the rich mountain atmosphere. If you enjoy roughing it a bit with a rustic feel this will be the best option for you. Here are the top rated Bed and Breakfast/Inns:



Condos/Vacation Homes

If you want something in between rustic and high-tech, look into a vacation rental. Condos and vacation homes are generally father away from downtown, but the really nice ones give you spectacular ammenities. Modern decor and internet access seem to be the best selling features for these and are nice because they are somewhere in between rustic and high-tech. You get the best of both worlds! Here are the top three rated condos:



Here are the top three rated vacation rentals:


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