Estes Park Camping

Estes Park camping. Sounds rustic and romantic; something many folks want when thinking of vacationing in Estes Park. The definition of “camping,” however varies from person to person. Some who own an RV, for example, feel that they are camping. Others believe that a small and cozy cabin can be defined as camping. The true die-hards define camping as truly roughing it: pitch a tent, cozy up in a sleeping bag, and cook meals over a campfire.

Estes Park Camping

This article provides information on all three types of camping. It includes the three top-rated campgrounds closest to town (based on reviews by Trip Advisor).


Paradise on the River
1836 Hwy 66
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586 – 5513
(866) 556 – 3422

Paradise on the River offers, cabins, RV rentals and RV sites along the Big Thompson River. All the reviews on trip advisor rave about Paradise on the River. Fans state that the location is its highest attribute—“secluded, private, beautiful” writes one reviewer. In addition, the river goes right by both the cabins and certain RV sites. All the reviewers enjoyed listening to the rolling river all day and night. The next most important feature is the staff. Most of the 24 reviews included comments about the staff, and one reviewer stated that the staff treated them as family and were very accommodating. Finally, reviewers were impressed that RV rentals and cabins were clean and comfortable.

The only cons that reviewers pointed out were the “snug” spaces. Cabins were close together and the RV sites were a bit cramped. Nevertheless, most reviewer who brought up this issue quickly qualified their negative response by a positive one such as having good neighbors and staff members who are ready to help guide folks into their RV site. Paradise on the River boasts the #6 ranking in specialty Estes Park lodging out of 67 reviews!

The Benefits. You can:

  • Enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Estes Park in cozy, secluded place
  • Set up camp either on or off the Big Thompson River
  • Use all your RV appliances with full hook-ups
  • Smell the many majestic Pines surrounding the entire camp
  • Do laundry, take hot showers, and enjoy spotless restrooms
  • Feel comfortable knowing that you are close to town.


Spruce Lake R.V.
1050 Mary’s Lake Rd.
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586 – 2889
(800) 536 – 1050

The Spruce Lake R.V. Park only offers RV sites and cabins, and it ranked #38 out of 68 reviews. Most positive reviews pointed to the unique features such as a playground and a fishing lake that is stocked every two weeks. Overwhelmingly, folks pointed out that the bathrooms were extraordinarily clean, using worlds like “spotless” and “sparkling”. Most reviewers had good experiences with the staff, and all reviewers raved about the stunning views.

Common complaints about Spruce Lake involved the use of WiFi. Many said that it didn’t work well and that the management would only guarantee the service in the office. One complained that the 50 amp service was substandard. A few complained that the management was unfriendly and curt. Some complained that they were unable to catch fish, despite paying $60.00 fee for utilizing the lake.

Benefits. You can:

  • Swim in a heated pool, a playground for the kids
  • Play miniature golf
  • Take the kids to a playground
  • Fish in a stocked lake or in the Big Thompson River
  • Watch cable TV and enjoy internet access
  • Utilize your RV appliances with either 30/50 amp service


Hermit Park
Hermit Park Road
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 679 – 4570

 One reviewer who raved about Hermit Park stated that Hermit park is a “beautiful secluded mountain setting.” For those who crave rustic and roughing it, the camper cabins are perfect. Rubber mattresses, bring your own sheets, no electricity, only propane, linoleum floors, port-o-potty outside, and no showers (you can take one in town). While quite rustic, this reviewer preferred the camper cabins to pitching a tent and focused on the gorgeous scenery and quite surroundings away from the tourist of Estes Park. Another reviewer focused on the great price of renting the camper cabins as opposed to paying motel/hotel rates in town. This of course, was in addition to the lovely views and nostalgic sentiments of gathering around a campfire.

For those who are truly wanting to camp in tents, Hermit Park has 28 campsites. This blurb, taken from Rocky Mountain National park give you an idea of what Hermit Park has to offer: “Campsites accommodate up to 8 people, maximum: 14 nights. Some have nice views of Longs Peak and Twin Sisters.” There are also group campsite rates. Visit the Rocky Mountain link above for rates.

Benefits. You can:

  • Enjoy tent camping for either single families or large groups
  • Choose from 1,362 acres of land on which to camp
  • Stay in camper cabins
  • Eat a nice picnic lunch at their 40 acre picnic area with a covered pavilion
  • hiking trails
  • Take advantage of other trails such as bike and horse trails
  • Brush up on Colorado history by visiting historic sites
  • Soak in breathtaking views

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