Estes Park Weddings

Estes Park Weddings

Are you thinking of an Estes Park wedding? No doubt you have already heard of the breathtaking views at Estes Park in every season. You could easily imagine your most special day in Estes Park. Unless you can afford a wedding planner to help you with all your decisions, though, your most special day could turn out to be your most stressful day . . . week . . . year.
Below are listed the three highest rated lodgings that offer three of the most important features of your dream wedding: a ceremony site, a reception area, and lodging for your guests.  The benefit?  Fewer decisions equals less stress!

Black Canyon Inn
Tripadvisor Ranking: #2 out of 68 locations in “Specialty Lodging”
Rosemary Sloan
800 MacGregor Ave.
Estes Park, CO 80517

Not only is the Black Canyon Inn the best rated Inn listed in Tripadvisor for specialty lodging, 14 out of  74 reviews specifically rave about their wedding day!  The picturesque location is of course the first thing folks mention: one reviewer said that the views compare with the kind of stunning scenes in a movie.  All reviewers pointed to the helpful staff and wonderful rooming accommodations.  The Black Canyon Inn also has a wedding planner that takes over for you to implement any ideas you may have, including the basics—guest rooms, dining, ceremony sites—but also photographers, cakes, and decorating. Only a handful of reviewers complained about certain aspects of their stay at the Black Canyon Inn, but here is the kicker:  The manager himself addressed that complaint in a detailed response that dignified the reviewer and also defended the Black canyon Inn’s reputation!  Overall, the Black Canyon Inn has thought of everything for your wedding day. Since words like fabulous, spectacular, and wonderful fill the pages of reviews, the Black Canyon Inn earns first place for a great wedding location!

Taharaa Mountain Lodge
Tripadvisor Ranking: #7 out of 26 “Bed and Breakfast/Inns”
Diane and Ken Harlan
PO Box 2586
3110 South Saint Vrain Avenue, Highway 7
Estes Park, CO 80517

While not in the highest ranking for Bed & Breakfasts, the Taharaa has many wonderful recommendations on Tripadvisor. All the reviewers commented on the spectacular views, and 64 out of 91 reviews gave it an “excellent” rating.  Beautiful views, comfy and cozy environment, nice Bed and Breakfast touches, and fantastic breakfasts ran throughout the comments on folks who had come for their wedding day.  There were some, however, who were not as impressed.  Common complaints described the owners as being curt, condescending, and uncooperative. Some were irritated with the long rule list of “don’ts” which made folks wary and uncomfortable. Others were not as impressed with the breakfast served or the accommodations.  Nevertheless, the management did address these concerns, which is a good sign that they care about the impressions that folks have for their Bed & Breakfast.  In their response, they sited that they provide unpretentious food, and a local “Colorado” feel for accommodations.

Lake Shore Lodge
Tripadvisor ranking #14 out of 28 listed under “Hotels”
1700 Big Thompson Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517

The Lake Shore hotel is the final lodging site with lodging, a ceremony site, and dining for receptions.  This hotel has a few “excellent” ratings, but most are in the “very good” category.  Of the two reviews discussing weddings, the comments were quite positive.  Beautiful views, clean and well-kept rooms (especially the wedding suite which one reviewer raved about!), and a flawless progression from the wedding, the receptions, to the rooms.  One reviewer pointed out that the hotel had been completely redone with new carpet new flat screen TV’s,pillow top mattresses and more!  There were many entries describing less than adequate service and accommodations and dining experience.  As of November 2010, however, the new manager addressed those poor reviews and pointed out that new changes had been made.  Since that time, the reviews have been outstanding and the ranking should start to reflect this immense improvement!

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