Estes Park Restaurants

Mmm-hmm:  that’s what you want your tummy to say when you leave any one of the many Estes Park restaurants you visit.  Because eating out is one of the more expensive luxuries of a vacation, disappointment is not an option. But good food by itself won’t cut it. You want to be seated quickly. The service should be attentive, but not overbearing. The price should reflect the quality, yet not break your wallet.

Below is a compilation of the best rated restaurants rated by Trip Advisor and categorized by ethnicity.  Don’t look any further to find your favorite restaurant to visit when you return to your lovely Estes Park vacation!


It’s hard to define exactly what “American food” really entails, but if your looking for standard cuisine   without all the fancy-shmancy stuff below are the top rated.  The Egg & I is for breakfast only, yet it has maintained the first position in American food for many weeks now.  There’s always a line to get in, but things move very quickly.  In Estes Park, atmosphere is important. People are looking for cozy and a clear view of the gorgeous mountians.  Based on reviews, the Rock Inn Mountain Tavern seems to foot the bill.

  • The Egg & I
  • Mountain Home Cafe
  • Rock Inn Mountain Tavern


Somewhere between Chinese and Indian food, Nepal’s restaurant is rated as a wonderful, hidden gem for those looking for something different. Out of 151 restaurants reviewed in Trip Advisor, Nepal’s Cafe is rated at #5 position. Although rated much lower, Sushi Yama Espress has a good rating for traditional sushi, and a nice escape from the traditional steakhouses so prevalent in Colorado:

  • Nepal’s Cafe
  • Sushi Yama Express


Although Dunraven is not exclusively an Italian restaurant, according to Trip Advisor, it serves wonderful Italian food.  The top three are listed below.

  • Dunraven Inn
  • Sweet Basilico Cafe
  • Mama Rose’s Restaurant


No one can resist having great Mexican food at least one day in Estes Park!

  • Ed’s Cantina and Grill
  • Chelito’s
  • Tulums


Folks who love pizza will be delighted to know that Estes Park has restaurants who have outstandingly unique and delicious pizza.

  • Chicago’s Best
  • Poppy’s Pizza
  • Village Pizza


Steakhouses are a staple in Colorado.  The top three are listed below.

  • Twin Owls Steakhouse
  • Dunraven Inn
  • Orlando’s Steakhouse

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